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Home Foam Tape
EVA PE Foam Single/Double-Side Tape (Black/White, various thickness to choose from)

FQ-210EB EVA Industrial Foam (0.5mm~8mm)

工業用泡棉 :: FQ-210EB

●FQ-210EB EVA Industrial Foam (0.5mm~8mm)
●Use for sealing, cushioning, or forming on the back of Acrylic board, directory, or commercial board.
●Virous thickness from 0.5m/m to 8m/m, wide range of uses.
●Can processing to kiss-cat rolls or die-cut films.

FQ-210PB Industrial PE Form Tape (0.5mm~2mm)

導熱鋁箔雙面膠帶 :: FQ-2160

●FQ-210PB Industrial PE Form Tape (0.5mm~2mm)
●Can Die-cutting into different shapes.
●Can cut into a design shape base on customer’s request.
●Can processing to kiss-cat rolls or die-cut films.